Friday, December 19, 2008

Not Because Of My Religion, Because God Said So!

I always get asked, why do I do this or that, is it because my religion? I do the things I do because God said to do them, plain and simple. It's all in the scriptures and I try to follow what the scripture says because it's inspired by God. The Jewish people follow the scripture in detail, not like many Christians who pick and choose how they live their life and what they apply to it. Many people disregard a lot of the old testament, because they think Jesus came to replace the old with the new, but he came to fulfill what was already written. How can you take away the foundation of something and still expect it to stand. That's why this world is crumbling, because we try to live without the foundation of our beliefs. There was never suppose to be a diverse split and so many sects. You've heard the saying, united we stand and divided we fall, the US needs to get back to it's foundation. This country was founded under God and now it wants to take God of of it's system. If you're a christian, then the foundation of your belief is the Torah (God's teaching and instruction). That's what I study, the Hebrew roots of the Christian faith. I think it has gotten lost over time and people over look what God had to say in the beginning. I feel as if I'm grafted in with Israel and the Jewish people because I've chosen to accept Yeshua (Jesus) as my Savior. Jesus was Jewish, and I'm sure he believed in himself. Also many of his disciples were Jewish and they believed he was the Messiah, but they didn't call themselves Christians. So if that makes me Jewish, to live my life how God intended, call me what you want, I am what I am. God doesn't care about our man made religion, like what religion are you? Only one God, one earth, and one belief, the Alpha and Omega and how he said we should live our lives. All we need to do is get back to the beginning and learn what God really said for us to do, don't follow the crowd, don't be afraid to question and go against what man says. Shalom, Shalom!!

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